random gluten free breakfast goodness

i was not feeling well yesterday- felt like bread but didn’t feel like going out and buying it.  so made a flatbread that i often do (gf flour and boiling water).  a random breakfast but yum:
  • gf flat bread
  • homemade peanut butter 
  • blood peaches (amaaaazing)
  • honey
heat in microwave.  enjoy


gluten free goodness, dinner and some

gluten free goodness, dinner

on this plate…






-tomato sauce (yup i am a kiwi)




cook 180c in a bain-marie.

in a blender put…

– almond meal

– sugar

– butter

– eggs

– banana

– baking soda

– cocoa

cook until a knife comes out clean. then on top put…

– chopped salted, roasted almonds

– chopped crystallised ginger

– orange peel/juice/flesh

– maple syrup

– yogurt (the good stuff)

yum yum yum.