warehouse 13, endless wonder

warehouse 13, a world of endless wonder.  

briefly, what goes on is this…
there are warehouse agents who guard and protect artefacts– protect them from nefarious use by others, or protect others from them.  artefacts are objects from history that have been imbued with some power, because of the energy directed into them at a certain moment in time.  
some examples…..

warehouse artefact info

warehouse artefact info

warehouse artefact info


i find it a compelling show, for lots of reasons.  


one of them is because of the beautiful women who act in it.  

i enjoy looking at beautiful women.  

i have thought a lot about positive expressions of sexuality, here, how do i express my sensual, sexy attraction to seeing beautiful female actors?  i enjoy the pleasure, and it is complex.  i will explore some more about the play of sexuality for women (well for me really- this is only my experience), and ideas about social influences in a later blog.  

For now, here are some of the beautiful women of the warehouse. 







alas the show is over.  check it out though- season two is the best, well i think so at least.