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Everything’s an ad, symbolises or points to something else. Can’t get away from it, in relationship – existence.

This spider was waving to another spider across the way, part of the mating ritual I believe – having seen other spiders do similar that was obviously ritual.

Some are very demonstrative, colourful, eager. Others wary, reticent, indifferent. People can be emotional too, carrying the weight of particular past, as we tend to.

No matter, we do our best to transcend the robotic and all’s equal in the end. The end being the absence of all that existential commotion.

Never could pretend enthusiasm that didn’t turn flat. 🙂

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Goan Spiced Grilled Salmon

Goan Recipes

I wish I had a history to share about this very delicious grilled salmon recipe but unfortunately I don’t, since Salmon is not found in the Indian Oceans but only in North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The best part though, it uses Goan spices ;-).

When my husband first grilled salmon fillets with the recheado masala we really enjoyed it with a salad so much that is became a monthly staple in our home. Grilling salmon more than pan-frying is a much healthier way to enjoy the fish and it’s rich omega-3 fatty acids keeps me smart and witty ;-).

grilled-salmon-recheado-masala-spicy-ingredients-recipe-fish-easyGrilled Salmon with Green Beans

What I really love about this recipe is that even though it is marinated in spice paste it is full of bold flavors without too much heat as the added ketchup balances it. Also works well for those who prep and plan their meals as…

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10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Seventy-Three)

You’ll catch a yawn…@SomeBadPlankton

Some Bad Plankton

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 73

Poem 1:
Our school cost money to attend
Some kids stayed after to clean.
We had a fish tank in the science room.
They were left alone with supplies.
She stood in front of the class,
We sat at slate black science desks,
She said, “look at the fish.”
Their scales peeled off in water.
She said someone poured bleach in there.
She said someone poured bleach into what they breathe.
She asked us to think about that.
She was a short woman, with brown curls and polo shirts.
I thought they were just fish.

Poem 2:
I yawned
A great big yawn
The kind that made me want to stretch
And do yoga.
It lasted more than one breath full
Give me air, say my lungs.

Poem 3:
I remember the first time I drove alone
I could try it…

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