Gorgeous Goldfinch

This beautiful Goldfinch landed outside my door and wasn’t moving. I bundled him up and put him in a box….he is a lot more alert now…but still not quite ready to fly away.



UPDATE: He stayed inside most of the day, then started moving around in the box so took it outside, opened it up…he flew of in a flashūüėä

Dogs of the Wai

This here is my gorgeous pooch Niwa.  He is (I think) a ridgeback cross- not too sure really.  He is a very delightful dog.  

I have just begun the photography for an exhibition called ‘Dogs of the Wai’ (either Wairarapa- the region where I live, or wai- which is water in Te Reo). ¬†

The region is filled with character-filled beautiful dogs.   I am capturing some of the joy they get out exploring the whenua (land).  

There are about 20 dogs so far (with an ever growing list).  Niwa will of course be the star of the show- he is fabulously photogenic- and I spend most time with him.  Here are a couple in preview- Niwa in action- in his favourite place (Wairarapa Moana) and with his favourite things- sticks.