On Annie Lennox and erasure.

An interesting read on intersectional feminism.
I don’t know that feminism at any intersection can fully be understood by the ‘other’ in the situation.
My feminism is individually and socially placed. Feminism is the ultimate word of a million meanings.


(Morgan Jerkins graduated from Princeton University with an AB in Comparative Literature and is currently pursuing an MFA in Fiction at the Bennington Writing Seminars. Follow her on twitter @MorganTheScribe or her Tumblr blog, “Black Girl in MFA.”)

When I initially heard that Annie Lennox was promoting a new album, I, like countless others, was excited about it. Annie’s a living legend who has been in the music industry for nearly 40 years, and she’s a well-known social activist, raising money and awareness for marginalized communities affected by HIV/AIDS. So it was safe to assume that interviewers were going to ask her about feminism, right? After all, feminism has been a hot topic, and Annie was alive during the earlier waves of feminism.

In an interview with Pride Source, Annie is specifically asked what she thinks of Beyoncé in the context of feminism. She says that Beyoncéas…

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A Sense of Place

Brilliant. From PIGSPITTLE OHIO.


I love maps.  Topographical, road, flight maps, ancient there-be-dragon maps and modern maps with ever-changing borders.  An elementary school assignment — I can’t remember what grade — involved writing a log for a trip around the world.  You could start and end wherever you wanted.  I remember visiting Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, Delhi, Tokyo, Perth, the Easter Islands, trekking high into the Andes, then to Rio, Mexico City, the Grand Canyon, way up to the Hudson Bay, and then landing back in my hometown in suburban Columbus, Ohio.  I avoided the USSR.  It was the late ’60s but it was before détente. I can still say that it was my all-time favorite school assignment ever.

ohio_ref_2001For all my love of the earth “graphies” — topography, geography, cartography — I struggle with defining a sense of place where I live today.  Pigspittle, Ohio, isn’t on a map.  It is a nickname for a real place that…

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Umbrella Revolution

Check this out and learn some stuff about what is happening in Hong Kong. Thanks @qmunicate.

This year I renounced my Singaporean nationality for a Hong Kong passport – despite my dad strongly advising me against it. “The city is going down the drain,” he says. “Best get out while you can.” It made me think back to what I had read in a New York Times interview with Anson Chan earlier this year: “We have to think about people here who have no alternatives. They are not rich like some people in Hong Kong who, if things go wrong, can just up and go elsewhere. For many people they don’t have this choice.”

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October 1960: Two Photographs

This is a great post Vicki Winslow. Such a good story…a very compelling character!

Vicki Winslow's Blog

Yves Klein: October 1960 Yves Klein: October 1960

That’s the artist Yves Klein jumping off a building in the photograph above. Taken on October 19, 1960, the photograph is titled The Leap into the Void.  The first time Klein leapt, he broke an ankle. It’s my understanding that he considered that first jump—taken months before the October leap—the one that really counted. He jumped again to document the performance,and the second time there were people below holding a tarpaulin in which to catch him. He later created (or his photographers created) a photo montage that made him appear to fly.

I once tried to learn how to fake-levitate. I studied the Balducci method, which involves balancing on the toes of one foot, while the other foot, the one closest to your small, carefully positioned audience, is raised two or so inches off the floor. What the audience sees is a person who…

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Pink Beach, Indonesia

So beautiful.

Marina Chetner

Have you ever seen a pink beach? There are only a handful of them in the world — one  is located in Indonesia on Padar Island by Flores.

See a picture of it here, in a piece I wrote for Qantas about the world’s largest archipelago:


Note to surfers: check out the photos of Sumba and the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra. These spots have some of the best waves in the world.

This is not the pink beach but it is Kanawa island shrouded in a rosy sunset. This is not the pink beach but it is Kanawa Island veiled by a rosy sunset.

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