being gluten free- food yearnings

I am gluten free.  Not really by choice, I have celiac disease, so just can’t eat it.  I have been diagnosed for about seven years, so am pretty sorted on the diet front.  It always brings up challenges, but I have learned to live with them, mostly.  
I get interested in the social aspects of having celiac disease.  I love food.  I am all good with what I am eating.  But hell, there are a million foods from around the world I would love to try.  Here are just some.
Influenced by Anthony Bourdain, I really want to eat pho, in Vietnam.  
Here’s why i want pho- really don’t get how you couldn’t, even just a bit, after this.
I need to find one that is vegetarian, gluten free and easy on the coriander (don’t like it, but working on tolerating it).  One day.

http: //

Eclairs from Fauchon. Spectacular…

Fauchon eclairs. Amazing, beautiful.

Sushi from Jiro. Art.

Jiro's sushi. Photo from

French bakeries…

Shot assortment. Opera Patisserie.

I can however eat these macarons, one day at Laduree, Paris…

Laduree macarons- gluten free bliss for me

Oh and glorious fruit…

Fruit market in Portugal. From Lisa Murphy at

And many other foods- as much food that I can’t eat- I do find plenty I love.  
I will write some more soon about social aspects of having celiacs.  I’ll look at how we negotiate not being able to eat most food on offer- a process that requires a lot of attention, and can be tricky, or take some getting used to at least.  
I will also keep posting about food I am in to- there is lots of it.
One more thing- I really enjoyed Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations– entertaining, interesting, amusing (sometimes).

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