some stuff about me


It is always an interesting thing how we choose to present ourselves to people for the first time, or in another way (like writing a blog).  I don’t really know where to start, so generally I just start typing, and see what I like from what comes.  

Useful to start with general categories of description- I am female, living in New Zealand (travelling through right now), a Capricorn, a feminist, able-bodied, middle-class, white, living in a peaceful culture (relatively), creative, German (Irish), queer, Pakeha, liberal (or what ever word describes how I think about social issues), and many many other things. That will do for now.  

I think about many things, often in a very intense, focussed way- subjects hold my attention differently over time, and are really varied.   

I enjoy blogs as a form of communication and expression so have decided to see how I go with creating one myself. I am surely biased, but I find some of the stuff I think about and get up to interesting- you may off course not, or you might, we shall see.



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